Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TICKS (1993)

Fans of classic 50's sci-fi monster movies and awesome 80's flicks like NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and SLUGS will love this fun early 90's direct-to-video cheesefest about a group of troubled teenagers who go to a camp way out in the woods for a little relaxation and rehabilitation. You got your standard 90's cliches: a nerd; a tough black gangsta who talks tough but has a good heart; a rich spoiled brat and her Latin lover who looks like a mix between Rico Suave and Lou Diamond Phillips; a quite Asian girl and the counselor's rebellious daughter.

Before they can even get settled in some bad shit goes down, because the secret weed-growing operation next door is using some kinda of funky growth bullshit that for whatever reason makes ticks grow up to the size of Paris Hilton's pussylips and 1/3 as abhorrent. Next thing you know a forest fire causes a tick stampede and the teens are knee deep in nasty, ill-tempered parasites! If you like big bug attack movies then you'll have a blast with TICKS: awesome early 90's fashions, a young Seth Green, non-stop bug violence, slimy icky slime, zero nudity, Carlton from Fresh Prince trying and failing miserably to play a street tough gangbanger, a clever script and a mutated Clint Howard. How could you go wrong?

Once I started watching it I remembered that I'd seen TICKS late one night on cable many years ago and I really enjoyed revisiting it. It was just as cheesy and fun as I remember it to be and my friends and I have been quoting it all week (Suck my...whoops!" and "I should have brought a piece man! This place ain't safe."). Also it's a thousand times better than the similar MOSQUITO which I thought was a turd. TICKS would make a good double feature with INFESTATION or EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS.