Tuesday, April 24, 2012

THE WARD (2010)

Life hasn't been too good to John Carpenter the Director over the last 15 years. Back in the 80's he changed my young life with such awesome movies as THE THING, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and PRINCE OF DARKNESS and entertained the shit out of me with THEY LIVE and CHRISTINE, but after 1994's semi-creepy IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS Carpenter hasn't done too much worth mentioning and sadly I don't think THE WARD is going to change that trend.

Set in 1966 the story is about a girl (clue #1: dressed in a hospital gown) who's running through the woods. She comes to a old farmhouse and burn the bastard to the ground. As she's watching it burn some pigs roll up and take her back, oops, I mean to a nearby insane asylum. Once inside, the nurse takes her to her room and (clue #2:) erases the name on her room's door (Tammy) and replaces it with a new one, Kristen. If by this point in the film you haven't figured out the twist ending then you're an  idiot and you've obviously missed out on the other 34,000 fucking movies that have been released in the last decade with the same exact twist.

Being a fan of Carpenter's I had hopes that THE WARD would be atmospheric, awesome and a box office success, but that just didn't happen...I'm not even sure if it was even released in theaters! It's not a bad movie, but there is nothing to make it stand out either. It passed the time well enough, but I would never watch it ever again. Months from now the only thing that I'll remember about THE WARD was the three main chicks are extremely hot. They never got naked, but still they were really hot, especially that one chick from "Big Love"! Mmmmmm.....

....oh, what?! Where am I? What year is it? Oh. Oh yeah. Yeah, THE WARD. Alright film, but ultimately forgettable. Completely unoriginal story. Good acting. Nice pace. Passable direction by Carpenter, but nowhere near what he's capable of. Worth a rent, if you're bored, but that's about it.

It was better than Craven's MY SOUL TO TAKE.