Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yet another nostalgically entertaining ABC made for TV movie. I wasn't alive back when these things came out but for whatever reason I really get a kick out of them. This time around five vacationers (a hip swinger dude, a blond airhead, a lonely feminist, a washed up mom and her sixteen year old daughter) leave their oceanside resort on a small crappy looking boat that I'd be afraid to float across a swimming pool in and go off in search of a private beach. Great idea! Well, they eventually find the private beach but when they come in for a landing they fuck the boat all up, so now instead of just hanging out, building a large signal fire and waiting to get rescued they decide to wander off, climb a jagged hill then trek across a big ass jungle filled with all kinds of dangerous bullshit like alligators, big cats, waterfalls and native warrior dudes.

Being a network TV movie AVIH is pretty tame, but what it misses in violence and nudity it makes up for in tiresome soap opera level drama! The feminist blames everything on the dude; the dude just wants to get laid; the mom is sad and pathetic; the twenty-five year old teenager is flirty and on the cusp of womanhood and the airhead, well, she just kinda stands there looking pretty (in an funky 70's body kind of way). I gobble this kind of stuff up so I enjoyed AVIH, but I imagine most people would dislike it for being boring and wish Predator or some cannibals would show up and kill everybody.

Worth a watch if you're into this sort of thing.