Friday, December 14, 2012

[REC] 3: GENESIS (2012)

Whoa!  Now we're heading in the right direction.  Wisely abandoning the shaky cam bullshit from the first two movies, [REC] 3 tells the story (in normal camera mode) of a wedding attacked by demon possessed people.  One of the wedding guests was bitten by the dog mentioned in Part 1.  At the start of the movie the dude is feeling fine and having a fun.  The wedding is going about as well as a wedding can go (it looks like Hell on Earth to me), but then things actually do turn into Hell on Earth when homeboy turns into a full fledged monster and starts biting people who in turn bite and infect others.  Shit quickly gets all cray and the bride and the groom, who's love for each other is stomach-turning, are separated but they can "sense" each others safety.  Oh brother!  Now they must fight through a ton of monsters to find each other.

Despite all the goofy love shit and the awful wedding singing I enjoyed [REC] 3.  It wasn't as epic as EVIL DEAD 2 or DEAD ALIVE (mainly thanks to the script being the weakest part of the movie), but it was a fun ride with great looking zombies.  Worth a watch.  Now looking forward to Part 4!  

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 If the infection is transmitted through blood then how come this guy doesn't turn into a "zombie"?