Saturday, July 27, 2013


Happening at the same time as the events from the original QUARANTINE, QUARANTINE 2 tells the story of an airplane leaving Los Angeles with the virus onboard.  Stuff happens after they get going and a zombie dude starts rampaging around the cabin.  So they make an emergency landing only to be quarantined inside the plane and the area where all the baggage gets moved around on conveyors.  Running around getting chased by zombies ensue.  That's about it.

I wasn't expecting much from QUARANTINE 2, but I was hoping for more than this!  Very little blood, zero gore, zero nudity, stiff acting, low budget effects, annoying characters I wanted to punch, lots of talking, predictable body count, me yawning, night vision, zombie cat, zombie rat..  Q2 doesn't have much going for it and within a month I will have probably forgotten that I even saw it.  Not painfully bad, but just boring.  Skip it.

I've finished all five of the movies now and my favorite was [REC] 3: GENESIS.  [REC] 2 wasn't too bad either.

Original Part 1 - [Rec]
Original Part 2 - [Rec] 2
Original Part 3 - [Rec] 3: Genesis
Original Part 4 - [Rec] 4: Apocalypse
Remake - Quarantine