Monday, July 6, 2015

[REC] 4: APOCALYPSE (2014)

Immediately after the events of Part 2 and 3 (remember they happened simultaneously), the reporter from the first two films is rescued from the doomed apartment building and taken to a government ship located somewhere off shore.  On board is a small group of soldiers and scientists along with a few of the SWAT guys that rescued her.  The scientists are trying to figure out a cure for whatever it is that is infecting people and turning them into crazed, flesh-eating zombies.  This sounds like an amazing idea for a film, so with visions of Brian Keene's "Dead Sea" dancing around in my head I happily sat down to watch [REC] 4....

And it wasn't too bad.  The beginning is pleasant enough with a nice set-up, the middle part was even better when the zombies started gettin busy, but then the final act just kind of fizzled out with the totally by-the-numbers "running from zombies" routine that we have seen in a billion other movies.  I was expecting/hoping for something better.  Shaky cam, moderate blood, zero gore or nudity, infected monkeys, silly JASON GOES TO HELL-style slug creature that possesses people, quick pace, likeable characters.

After watching the film I read that this is the "final" installment in the series and if that true then I'm pretty disappointed because I see this idea as having tons of potential.  I liked Part 3 the best out of the series and even that film didn't live up to what I was wishing for.  As for Part 4, it's worth a watch.  I enjoyed it, but I just wish it, like all of the other films in the series, had been darker and more serious.

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