Thursday, December 13, 2012

[REC] 2 (2009)

Hmm.  Well I'll be damned, [REC] 2 is actually better than the original.  Bigger budget, better looking picture and most importantly a more fleshed out story.  The film opens with a group of SWAT team dudes gearing up to go inside the building at about the exact time the last movie was ending.  They go in, find all the blood and stuff from the initial outbreak.  Along for the ride is a whacked out priest who instructs them to go to the penthouse.  Once there all kinds of cray shit starts to happen.  Possessed children crawling on the ceiling, lots of blood, head shots, suicide, blowup doll destruction, hidden doorways, cages, mowing down possessed people with machine guns, nasty worm thing.  It's pretty cool.  At least the beginning and the end.  The middle part is kinda slow but even then it never gets boring.

Worth a watch.  It's still filmed in that shaky cam way, but this time around it seems they tried to actually make it look like a FPS, so that's pretty neat.  Check it out.

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