Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This was kinda cool: Part 2 is actually a prequel to Part 1 and tells of Selleck's introduction to Paradise.  It also means that that one character I liked from Part 1 (and was unwisely killed off) is back!  Anyway, so following his divorce Selleck get fired from his job as a pig in L.A. and then hired by the small town of Paradise to be their chief pig, not because he's good, but because he's a drunk and therefore theoretically easy to control since the top city dude is a crook.

That's the main story, but there's a few interesting minor stories also to keep you entertained.  NIGHT PASSAGE nothing deep, but I enjoyed delving deeper into the citizens of Paradise.  Sadly though there's still the drawback of it being a TV movie. The budget is too low, some of the visual effects look absolutely horrible and the commercial break pauses are distracting. 

Worth a watch for sure.

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