Friday, January 11, 2013


Selleck is getting bored in the small town of Paradise so he decides to start investigating, in his spare time, an unsolved murder from 1992.  Of course as soon as he starts getting into it another teenage girl gets raped (what is this like the fourth girl so far in the series?!  Yes, I'm counting the unreported one from Part 3) and his low I.Q. officer "Suitcase" wakes from his coma (after getting shot in the head in the last movie) and starts waking around like a psychic crime solving robot.

I liked the main mystery, but this series is really starting to get into a rut.  It's the same thing over and over.  Crime, Selleck moping around whimpering over his ex-wife, investigates crime, carries groceries over bridge with his dog, drinks a lot, solves crime, drinks more, The End.  Also what the hell is up with that cute dog?  He's horrible.  First off he lets his original owner get killed in Part 1 so Selleck adopts him and how does he repay him?  He lets a armed killer not only into the house but in the same room and he never barks once!

Slightly entertaining watch, but there's no tension.  I was really hoping for something more substantial by this point in the series.  At least his goddamn ex-wife has finally quit calling as much.

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