Sunday, January 20, 2013


In yet another lesson to mind your own business: William Powell lives in an apartment and he hears his downstairs neighbor's boyfriend beating the crap out of her.  Like a moron he goes to investigate, but when he opens his front door the woman comes barreling down the stairs and right into his open door with the boyfriend right on her tail.  A fight breaks out and in the confusion the boyfriend falls out the window to his death.  The chick splits and the coppers arrest Powell for murder!  Without any witnesses to prove his innocence Powell is convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  Three years later Powell stages a daring escape and now he must prove his innocence before the law catch up to him.

At only 69 minutes, SHADOW OF THE LAW doesn't mess around.  The pace is quick, the acting is pretty good and that scene with the machinery!  Holy shit!  I actually said "Holy shit!" out loud.  But just because I enjoyed it doesn't mean that you should watch it.  I'm a professional and I have a much higher tolerance to movie induced pain and boredom than you do.  Average humans would probably be bored to tears by SOTL, but I liked it and enjoyed seeing Powell one the run 11 years before he was on the run in the comedic LOVE CRAZY.

Worth watching for Powell fans.