Friday, March 1, 2013


Brutal, but compelling tale of a family bullied by their alcoholic husband/father.  When he's sober (which isn't very often) he seems kinda okay, but the threat of violence and his quick temper makes him a time bomb capable of going off at any moment.  With this psychopath in charge the entire family lives in terror and the younger children pretty much paralyzed by fear 24 hours a day.  The older children just want to escape.

The violence in ONCE WERE WARRIORS isn't for everybody, but as depressing as it is (and it is depressing), OWW isn't a total downer.  There's funny moments and while the mother for whatever stupid fucking reason loves her caveman husband she does possess a inner-strength that is commendable.

Strong performances by all of the leads.  Highly recommended, especially for fans of gritty dysfunctional family films.