Thursday, January 2, 2014

ROCKY V (1990)

Maybe going over to Russia to fight Ivan Drago wasn't such a good idea after all.  Yeah, he avenged Apollo's death and ushered in world peace, but he got the daylights knocked out of him to the point that now he's pretty much retarded and while he was out of the country his accountant ran off with all his money!  That's right.  Rocky is flat broke, so he has to move back to the 'hood and Adrian has to get her old job back at the pet store!  This doesn't even make sense to me.  You're telling me that the recently retired World Champion is so broke that he has to go live in Paulie's old rundown house and eat off of what his wife makes working minimum wage at a pet store!  Jesus Christ can't the guy find somebody to ghostwrite a autobiography for him or something?

So now, without two plugged nickels to rub together Rocky starts up Mickey's old gym again.  Most of the people that come to train are deadbeats, but this one dude Tommy has the eye of the tiger!  Grrrrr.  Under Rocky's tutelage Tommy makes his boxing debut (at the same boxing joint we first saw Rocky boxing at) and then works his way up the ranks into the big leagues...but yeah somehow no money is made and Rocky still lives in the ghetto.  Blindly by the bright lights of stardom Tommy leaves Rocky and signs up with another Don King-style manager who promises him a big payday and a shot at the title.  Stuff happens and Tommy ends up in a street fight with Rocky.

I understand Stallone was going for a more realistic feel when he wrote this story, but whatever he had envisioned didn't end up on the screen...or maybe it did and what he envisioned was just shit.  Either way ROCKY V is a disappointing film.  Stallone's acting isn't very good, the story is rubbish, the secondary story about his kid is boring, the big fight at the end was meh.  Required viewing if you wanna keep up with the story, but honestly it's barely even worth the effort.

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