Thursday, December 26, 2013

ROCKY IV (1985)

USA!  USA!  USA!!!  That's right comrades, this is the Rocky where those dirty Russians send their top athlete, Ivan Drago, over to America to pound every last drop of patriotic blood out of anybody who's stupid enough to step into the ring with him.  And because he's such a badass he initially wants to skip all the preliminary stuff and go directly into a championship bout with Rocky.  That's out of the question so instead Apollo Creed agrees to an exhibition match to see what this Ruskie's got.  And apparently he's got a lot because within just a few rounds he beats Creed to death!!

Fueled by revenge and patriotic fervor, Rocky agrees to fight Russia!!!  One advantage that Rocky has over Drago is his ghetto workout area.  Ever since Part II whoever has the most rundown shitty-looking workout area wins the big fight.  So while Drago is over here using computers and high fangled equipment to train with Rocky is working out in a functioning barn complete with a cow, rocks, ropes and a fire!

1985 was a great year for Sylvester Stallone.  Not only did he make the greatest Rambo movie of all time, but he also made what is arguably the greatest Rocky movie of all time.  Even in 1985 money ROCKY IV still made nearly double what ROCKY BALBOA did in 2006 money!  Yeah, it's just formulaic propaganda, but it's so awesomely 80's you can't help but get all pumped up while watching it and look back nostalgically at how simple the 80's seemed.  Highly recommended.

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