Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Those wacky young kids are at it again!  Rolling up to the beach in some ROAD WARRIOR hippie bus, the kids are surprised to discover, that camped out right next to them is the world famous rock star (and Austin Powers impersonator) Potato Bug!   He sings a song and gets the girl's pussies so wet that they start passing out.  And off to the side poor Frankie is still trying to get some poontang off of Annette, but it ain't happening.  To add insult to injury, when Annette's not busy rejecting Frankie...she's making goo-goo eyes at Potato Bug!  That's just terrible.  Naturally, to settle things, Frankie challenges Potato Bug to a drag race...using actual drag race cars on a real track.  Don't even ask how that's even possible.  And while you're not asking about that, also don't ask about the rich old dude who's trained a chimpanzee to surf, dance and drive all in the hopes of making the surfers look stupid.  The chimpanzee also has a cool-looking hawk that hangs out with him.

BIKINI BEACH is a fun installment in the Beach series.  The story is light-hearted, tons of hot chicks in skimpy bikinis, Jody McCrea as Deadhead, Boris Karloff cameo, corny humor, Eric Von Zipper is back(!!!), Don Rickles trying to be funny, a number of good songs (my favorite was "Gotcha Where I Wantcha" by The Exciters Band...that was a damn good song!), impressive duel role performance by Frankie Avalon, a Timothy Carey sighting and Candy Johnson dancing again during the ending credits.

If you've already watched the first two Beach movies then you know exactly what you're getting into.  Recommended.

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Part 2 - Muscle Beach Party
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Part 5 - Beach Blanket Bingo
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