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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Once again Frankie, Annette and the gang are hanging out at the beach without a care in the world.  Not a lot of surfing is going on, there's more dancing that anything and then boom out of the sky a new female singing sensation (Linda Evans) comes parachuting in and lands in the ocean.  Frankie pulls her out of the water and is proclaimed a hero.  Naturally, this makes Annette jealous.  (Not that she's ever given him any pussy, so what the fuck?!!)  Next thing you know they've decided to go parachuting themselves, but when Frankie starts getting flirty with the female instructor, Annette responds by hanging out with the male instructor.  At the same time Jody McCrea falls in love with a mermaid,  Eric Von Zipper falls for Linda Evans and Buster Keaton dances with the unbelievably sexy Bobbie Shaw.  Holy sea donkey testicles is she hot!

Typical Beach movie shenanigans happen: dancing, singing (all of the songs were great, I really liked Frankie and Annette's playfulness in "I Think You Think".  "He's My New Love" was another highlight), but things were also just a tiny bit more serious.  When Frankie rejects the female instructors advances, she rips her shirt and accuses him of sexual assault!!  Also, Von Zipper kidnaps Linda Evans (or "I'm putting the snatch on you." as he says), but then later she's kidnapped again by Timothy Carey who tries to attack her with a hammer and chop her in half with a lumber saw!!  There's also a side-boob, which I think is a first for the Beach films.

All in all, BBB a fun film.  The skydiving scenes were disappointing since all they were were just wide shots of random people skydiving.  Honestly, I wish they would have just cut the entire skydiving bit and replaced with them something going on at the beach.  Other than that, it's a entertaining ride.

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