Monday, July 28, 2014


Quickly following up on the success of BEACH PARTY, MUSCLE BEACH PARTY tells the story of Frankie, Annette and the whole gang going back to the beach and the happenings they get into.

Annette still ain't giving up the pussy, so once again Frankie starts makin' time with another chick.  This time it's some horny rich chick who was originally mackin' on a muscleman who lives next door to Frankie.  The shunned muscleman and his crew don't take kindly to the rejection.  At the same time, the gang sides with Annette and gives Frankie the cold shoulder, until he finally sees the error of his ways.  After that they go back to surfin' and partying on the beach.  The End.

MUSCLE BEACH PARTY is a fun Beach movie, but the lack of Eric Von Zipper and the Rats is unforgivable.  Don Rickles and Buddy Hackett try to fill in the comedy void left by the absent Harvey Lembeck, but they do a poor job of it.  Other than that, it's pretty much things as usual with corny humor, tons of sexy chicks in bikini's (Mary Hughes was the hottest), Annette's hair never getting wet, Jody McCrea as Deadhead acting dumb as shit, stock footage of real surfers spliced with shots of our stars surfing on rear projected waves, Dick Dale singing, Candy Johnson dancing during the end credits, muscle dudes in Daisy Dukes, some great musical numbers including one by a young Stevie Wonder and another with Annette's voice reverbed all to Hell and back (I think my favorite song was "Muscle Bustle" by Donna Loren), lots of dancing and I swear to Satan at 1:11:21 you can hear somebody in the background saying "Let's get the fuck out of here."  I'm totally serious.  I replayed it like 20 times and he says "fuck".  Maybe is was "buck", but I think it was "fuck".  

Not as good as the original installment, but still totally worth a watch.

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That's Grizzly Adams on the right.