Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Wow.  This is one hell of a movie...and I'm not sure that I'm saying that in a good way or a bad way.  Fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Alice (played by 20 year-old Charlotte Alexandra) is home for summer on her parents farm.  Being physically very mature for her age, I, at first thought, that she was just going through some sexual awakenings when she would touch herself and fantasize about local boys/men, but then she started puking on herself, putting thorns in her panties, laying her panties on a rotted dog corpse, rubbing her bare foot in human piss while smoking, crushing eggs, smearing earwax and pussy juice all over the place, masturbating on the train tracks, sticking a tanning oil bottle up her asshole and fantasizing about rubbing dismembered worms on her pussy and sticking chicken feathers up her butthole and I began to change my mind...this chick is wack.  Maybe not as wack as the woman from THE PIANO TEACHER but give her time, she's still young.

Wack or not, A REAL YOUNG GIRL is an interesting movie and definitely not one you're going to forget anytime soon.  There's plenty of nudity on the part of Alice and various guy's ping-dings (which I didn't feel like taking screenshots of), but it's all done in such a slow arthouse way that there is zero sexual gratification from watching it.  Also everything is so dirty!  Flies everywhere, dirt all over the place, the bathtub is nearly black with grime, dead animals, blood, a chicken having it's throat slit onscreen in graphic detail, chicken entrails, piss standing on the floor, vomit, mutilated worms, a crushed egg...it's all very unsexy.  I can only guess that that was done on purpose by the filmmakers, but it's doesn't mean I have to like it.  I like my sexy movies with as little chicken intestines and rotten dead dogs as possible.

Interesting as a arthouse film.  Uninteresting as a sex movie.