Sunday, June 28, 2015


Teenager Edward Furlong lives in a big house with his parents nowhere to be seen.  One day his best friend tells him about a new horror video game called Brainscan.  Eddie gets a copy and next thing you know he's going on a virtual reality trip where he's fantasizing about killing a dude down the street and chopping off his foot.  Eddie awakens from his gaming session totally stoked about how awesome Brainscan is...then he finds the guy's severed foot in his freezer and things aren't so cool anymore.  Bummer.

The story is predictable to anybody who's paying attention, but it's still a fun ride down the mid-90's memory lane back when virtual reality was a hot property and featured in stuff like THE LAWNMOWER MAN, VIRTUOSITY, JOHNNY MNEMONIC and so on.  Brisk pace, good enough acting, numerous cheesy CG effects that were pretty neat back then, super brief topless scene, nowhere near as much violence as I had hoped, Metallica and Aerosmith posters, 90's rock soundtrack featuring White Zombie, Mudhoney, Primus, Pitchshifter, Butthole Surfers, etc.

Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half.  Recommended for fans of 90's movies.