Sunday, March 27, 2016


A group of 30-something-year-old medical students gather together for a weekend getaway at an abandoned house.  Ten years ago it was the site of a massacre and unknown to this new group of inhabitants the killer is still hanging around and not too happy about these nerds dancing, swimming, having sex and talking about horror movies in a pre-SCREAM way.

EVIL LAUGH is in no way a good film, but if you're in the right frame of mind (and preferably hanging out with like-minded friends) it's rather enjoyable.  For me, I knew EVIL LAUGH was going to be a fun movie right from the beginning when in one of the first scenes some of the leads were on the side of the road fixing a flat when this one guy announces that he has to go "drain the lizard." so instead of simply walking over to some bushes 10 feet away he goes up to the top of this hill that's like 300 feet away then starts pissing off the top of the hill...onto two fully-dressed people that are just laying there for no reason.  Of course, the guy soon realizes what he's doing and runs away, but the entire series of events makes absolutely no sense.  It was awesome.

Less forgiving audiences will probably dislike EVIL LAUGH, but I think that experienced fans of 80's slashers will get a kick out of it.  Non-threatening looking killer (who can somehow appear in two places at once), ridiculous story, low budget, silly and endearing main characters, good pace, two mild topless scenes, goofy ending and some hilariously memorable kills including a microwave head bursting and a knife to the dick and out the butt!!!

Would make a good double feature with THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE.
I'm guessing this shot was included because the director (Dominick Brascia) was the nerd that was axed in the back in FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING by Suicide.