Sunday, April 24, 2016


Dana Andrews travels to England to attend a scientific convention debunking paranormal stuff like ghosts, witches, demons, etc.  When he arrives, he's informed that one of his colleagues has died in a mysterious way.  Was it electrocution due to downed power lines or...a demon?!  If you guessed "demon" you would be correct but since Dana is a total skeptic he believes that there is a perfectly logical reason for his friends death.  He begins investigating and soon discovers that he himself has been cursed and he only has three days until the demon assassin gets all crunk on his ass.

NIGHT OF THE DEMON is dated nowadays but fans of classic horror movies will like it.  Medium pace, good usage of English locations (including one scene showing Dana walking around Stonehenge alone yet the poster features a person beating another person with a club at Stonehenge), average acting, awesome-looking demon that's only shown in two scenes, the number 666 on a license plate.

I liked NOTD alright, but I can't ever see myself wanting to watch it again mainly due to the fact that Dana didn't have enough to do.  If he would've had at least one other interesting character to interact with things would have been much more entertaining.  As it is, the bad guy and the female lead (the niece of his dead friend) were both boring.

Mildly recommended.