Monday, October 3, 2016


"Die you invisible jerk!"

First off, before I even start the review, I just wanna ask: What was up with that song in the opening credits?!  I don't think anybody in the world would expect THE INVISIBLE MANIAC to be a great movie or anything (and it's not), but that song in the opening credits is great!  Sadly, they don't even play the entire thing and it's not even listed in the closing credits!  What the fuck?  I'd love to hear the whole thing.  It deserves better than to fall into obscurity, but, unfortunately, it probably will.

Dr. Kevin Dorkwinkle, I mean, Dornwinkle doesn't have the strongest control of his temper (as evidenced when he beats some fellow scientists to death for daring to laugh at his failed invisibility serum), but when he eventually does come up with a working invisibility serum it plays havoc with his already fragile brain and he's soon going around killing everybody in bizarre ways like ramming a sandwich down a guys throat, aquarium drowning, tossing a radio into a shower, head stomping and fire hose strangulation.  Sounds like Cannibal Corpse song titles!

For what it is (a early 90's low-budget skin flick with an attention grabbing title meant to appeal to late night "Skinemax" viewers who are looking to jack off after striking out at that shitty party Tad threw.  Fuckin' Tad.  Always throwing shitty parties.), THE INVISIBLE MANIAC isn't so bad.  It's definitely watchable.  Passable (over)acting, steady pace, lots of naked chicks, respectable body count, one outstanding song, late 80's/early 90's fashions, a completely illogical story that wisely ignores the stuff that makes no sense and just rolls with the action instead.

Worth a watch for fans of the "high school teacher turned invisible sex maniac/psycho killer" sub-genre.