Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ZAPPED! (1982)

ZAPPED! is too weak for it's own good.  All of the posters and advertising make it look like a wild teen sex movie where Scott Baio has a magical power that allows him to lift up girls skirts, but in reality, it's just a tame, unfocused and not very funny comedy about a science nerd who after 11-minutes of story development, has an accident in his lab.  The accident somehow gives him the power of telekinesis.  That doesn't make any sense, but whatever, let's see what he does with his newfound power!  Oh.  He uses it to move equipment around the lab, move toys around his bedroom, help win a baseball game and then help his friend win a "vomit contest" at an amusement part.  Wow, that's really exciting!  The filmmakers did sprinkle in some topless scenes, but they're all lame and never more than a second or two long.

Good pace, two supporting actors (Corinne Bohrer and Eddie Deezen) who would later go on to star in SURF II, Scott Baio purposely(?) acting stiff the entire movie, Heather Thomas looking hot as shit (but never getting naked...rumor is, they used a body double), unfunny parody bits spoofing "Star Trek", THE EXORCIST and CARRIE, numerous moments where the background actors are obviously just following orders, an advertisement in the background for what appears to be some ridiculously expensive(?) Memorex T-60 videotapes, Scatman Crothers married to LaWanda Page, nice locations around Los Angeles, dumb ending.

ZAPPED! wasn't a bad movie, just meh and forgettable. The story does have a lot of potential and the title is great!  I'd love to see a proper reboot.
I will not smoke dope in the girls locker room.