Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Jack Skellington is the most popular, the most handsome and the tallest citizen of Halloween Town.  Notice I didn’t say smartest.  Cuz dat motherfucker is dmub!  One day, Halloween, to be exact, Jack is super sad and goes for a stroll in the woods.  Being a simpleton, Jack gets lost and comes across some strange looking trees.  Each one has a differently decorated door on it.  Jack investigates the tree decorated with the image of a decorated tree on it.  Soon, Jack is in Christmas Town and totally losing his shit over the snow and bright colours.  Back in Halloween Town, he devises a plan to bring the joy of Christmas Town to Halloween Town…by kidnapping Sandy Claws.  I told you he was an idiot.

The story might be silly, but the presentation of the story is fucking amazing!  I love the unholy reindeer baby mice out of this movie and have seen it around 14 million times.  Probably doesn’t hurt that I identify as Goth and I love the fuck out of Oingo Boingo.  And Tim Burton and Catherine O’Hara and Halloween and Chris Sarandon and Musicals and stop-motion animation.  Fuuuuck, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is awesome.  The only legitimate complaint I have about it, is it’s too short.  76 minutes just isn’t long enough.

My two favorite songs are "What's This?" and "This Is Halloween".