Sunday, May 16, 2010

MOTHER (2009)

Based on the DVD cover and the title, MOTHER, I thought this was going to be a slow, gentle film about family life. Something along the lines of a Yasujiro Ozu film. Well, I was completely wrong!

MOTHER is about a poor mother, who has a few screws loose, but nowhere near as many as her son, Yoon Do-joon. This guy would make the guy from THE WEIRDO look smart! Anyway, all Yoon does is wander around all day. One night he's out drinking and wandering home late...yes, a drunk retard out on the streets alone.  Anything could  happen! Well the next day somebody finds a dead girl. Yoon is immediately arrested and charged with the murder (I won't get into the clues), but his mother believes that he's innocent and nothing is going to stop her from proving his innocence.

I enjoyed the movie, but I would never watch it again. For a one time watch though it was alright. The acting was good, it looked nice and the story rolled along at a good pace.