Thursday, June 10, 2010


So how do you ruin a revenge movie about a inhumanly tough gangster "slasher" who's arrested, refuses to squeal on his boss and is sent to prison only to have his gang do absolutely nothing when another gang attacks his parents which then forces him to lead a prison escape so he can get revenge on both gangs?!

Number one, about every 10 minutes you have some slow-motion scene with emotional, sappy music playing. Number two, to just throw in random straight up comedy moments in all over the place. Number three, you make the story way more confusing than it needs to be.

The idea for this movie is great! I love revenge movies, I love Korean gangster movies, I love prison escape movies! This movie has a lot of great shit going for it, but fuck this script is a piece of shit. Skip this stinker altogether. A few of the funny moments were actually funny and some of the action scenes were actually exciting, but as a complete package RIGHTEOUS TIES is a mess and not worth the time I wasted watching it.