Friday, June 18, 2010

STAR TIME (1992)

Eighty-five minutes was too long for this movie. Thirty-five would have been better.

Henry Pinkle is a fucked up dude. He's obsessed with a TV show and when it's canceled it pushes the retard over the edge and suddenly an imaginary friend pops up right as he's about to commit suicide. The imaginary dude (played by one of the inhuman teaching monsters from CLASS OF 1999) tells Henry that he can be a star and gives him an ax and a baby mask. Henry kills some people (nearly all of it is done off screen or told through news reports) and becomes famous, but before long his 15 minutes are up. And I wish this movie had ended at least 15 minutes earlier. At first I was enjoying the build up, but that was it. The murder scenes were lame and the majority of the movie was spent with Henry talking to his imaginary friend or Henry talking to his case worker. If this had been a short film I'd recommend it, but as it is it's just way too long with not enough action. At least fellow early 90's forgotten serial killer movie RAMPAGE had some amazing kill scenes before it shit the bed by become a lame court room drama for the last 45 minutes. Skip it.