Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The movie opens with a hitchhiking scene that kinda reminds me of Jack Lemmon's hitchhiker/free love encounter in SAVE THE TIGER...except this time the freelovin' hippie chick is picked up by a coked-out hot rodder. She instantly wants out, but he ain't hearin' it and races off down the highway until he finally crashes. She then wanders off, down to the beach, passes a group of naked hippies playing with a dog (I kept wonderin if the dog was going to bite somebody's dick off, but it never did). Finally she wanders onto a private beach and falls asleep. The owner of the beach comes down from his house and invites her inside. She does. Later that night she hears a noise coming from the basement and goes to investigate. She finds the dude chopping up meat, but what kind of meat?

Fans of modern day horror will probably find this movie too slow, but I thought it was pretty good. Yeah, it's a little boring, has a low body count and never really goes anywhere but it's watchable. The scenes out on the 70's streets were especially interesting, from a time travel point of view.

Would make a interesting double feature with MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH.