Friday, July 29, 2011


Adapted from Dashiell Hammett's "The Farewell Murder" (you can find it in "The Continental Op" collection) this third THIN MAN is my second favorite of the series. Nick and Nora are back in New York and upon their arrival they are urgently summoned to the estate of Colonel MacFay (who is the caretaker of Nora's family fortune). They go and find MacFay in a frantic state. It seems an engineer that used to work for him was sent to prison for 10 years for some bullshit and he blames MacFay. There have been various threats and acts of violence and now MacFay is in fear of his life. Long story short, MacFay ends up getting murdered later that night in his own bed (good job Nick at protecting him!!!) and the obvious suspect is the disgruntled ex-employee, but is he the real killer?

This film is a lot of fun. The mystery is intriguing and this is probably the funniest of all of the THIN MAN films. I especially liked that Nora forced herself more into the investigation, but Nick was always one step ahead of her. Their playful banter back and forth was really cute, especially when they went to the boarding house and Nick used Nora as an unwilling cover. Very funny. Another positive is the return of Nat Pendleton and of course Asta! Also this is where the Charles' welcome little baby Nickie, but I couldn't give a fuck about a goddamn kid. Luckily he doesn't distract from the story and isn't onscreen much. Sexy Virginia Grey on the other hand should have been onscreen more!

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