Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm just not feeling this one. Nick and Nora attend a party aboard a gambling boat and there's some turmoil between some of the guys in the band over a girl and money. Naturally somebody gets blasted and Nick is on the case.

I don't know what is was exactly, but this movie was a complete bore. I disliked it when I first saw it years ago, so I revisited it yesterday and it still stunk. The mystery isn't compelling, there's nothing moving the story forward, all of the characters are boring and the fucking kid has way too much screen time. Honestly, I wish they would have just ended the THIN MAN series at part 5 and instead of letting the series go out with a whimper. Skip it.

Was anybody else as disappointed as I was?

Part 1 - The Thin Man
Part 2 - After the Thin Man
Part 3- Another Thin Man
Part 4 - Shadow of the Thin Man
Part 5 - The Thin Man Goes Home

Nick gettin' him sum of dat aeessssss!

The last shot ever of Nick and Nora together.