Monday, August 1, 2011

HEATWAVE! (1974)

It got up to 107 in Austin this afternoon, so what better time to stay indoors in the air condition and watch a movie about a heatwave! Luckily for me though I still had electricity and water unlike the unfortunate folks in this movie. Holly McClane from DIE HARD is pregnant as fuck, hot as fuck and irritated as fuck: the electricity is out, the tap water is brown and her husband is a whiny bitch. Finally they say screw it and decide to go out to their cabin in the woods, but that's easier said than done. All the electricity is out and so gasoline is hard to come by. Finally they get carjacked and are forced to walk the last eight miles through the woods. Remember it's 120 and she's pregnant. Once they get there they discover that the electricity is out there as well and now the baby is ready to bust out of this jizzhole!

As far as early 70's made-for-TV movies go this one is entertaining, but the story was too small. Instead of going to the woods and just standing around a cabin sweating I would have rather they remained in the big city and experience everything going to Hell. Also there really needed to be a villain of some kind or a bigger struggle than just trying to cool off.

If you can find a copy it's worth watching, but nothing to go out of your way for. HEATWAVE! originally aired on January 26, 1974 as part of ABC's "Movie of the Week" series.