Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This 5th THIN MAN film is a fun outing. My favorite part is they left the kid out completely!  Hahaha. He sucked.

Nick and Nora take a train trip to Nick's hometown to visit his folks.  He's just there to relax, but when word quickly gets around the small town that the great detective Nick Charles on the scene everybody with something to hide starts acting like they got ants in their pants. Including somebody who wants something hidden so well they'll commit murder! That's not a bad decision if you can do it secretly, but it's downright foolish to do it while the victim is talking face-to-face with Nick!

Anyway, Nick is now on the prowl for clues and it's fun to see him in a small town instead of the big city. As usual at the end he gathers all of the players into a room before laying down some heavy duty facts on them. One thing I didn't care for though was Nora's character was written to be an know-it-all dimwit. Before she was always sweet and cute, but now she kept butting in and annoying everybody. I didn't care for that at all.

One interesting thing I read online was that the producers thought about replacing Myrna Loy with Irene Dunne!  Now that would have been crazy to see, but interesting.

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