Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Back in 1927, a lynch mob beat, crucify and quicklimed an artist they accused of being a warlock. Fifty-four years later a woman inherits the same hotel that he was murdered and secretly buried in. She starts renovating the joint but then all kinds of bizarre, surreal, creepy shits starts happening. If even 1/10th of the shit that happens to this chick happened to me I'd leave the fucking state, but nope, she's determined to open this hotel no matter what! Freak accidents? So what? Zombies? No big deal. Portal to Hell? Eh, it happens.

This is probably Lucio Fulci's best film, but that really ain't saying much since he really wasn't all that good...yep I said it. He did use a lot of gore and have a unique vision, so for the most part, his more popular films are pretty watchable, but he lesser known movies like say DEMONIA are some of the worst shit you'll ever have the misfortune of seeing.

Back to THE BEYOND: it's an interesting horror film, but really not that good. The story is poop, but some of the visuals are impressive. If you have an interest in film history or horror movies then it's worth checking out, but honestly it's pretty boring and low-budget looking enough to be distracting (spider scene, blinking corpse, paint gun pellet bullet "holes", etc.).