Monday, September 12, 2011

TWISTER (1996)

Punch the core, backbuilding, finger of god, cone of silence, jumper, the suck zone.  These are all terms that tornado chasers use It's almost as important as being able to hold on to a metal pipe tight enough to keep yourself from being pulled up into the suck zone of a finger of god tornado that just threw a two-story house at you.

Bill Paxton is an ex-storm chaser, who with his new fiancee Jami Gertz, goes into the field to find his soon to be ex-wife Helen Hunt and have her sign the divorce papers. While there, the biggest string of tornadoes in 12 years pops up and quiet life be damned! Bill Paxton is gonna chase some of these suckers down and punch their hole with his fancy measuring device. The rest of the movie is just that: overly excited nerds driving all over the joint wrecking shit, overacting and screaming non-stop. You definitely don't have time to get bored, but you do have time to yell "Bullshit!" over and over as repeatedly the main characters defy logic, high winds and flying debris (like an exploding tanker truck, multiple tractors and a cow...twice) without even getting a scratch. But that's the whole point of the movie: forget reality and just have fun. If you're unable to do that then skip this movie. It's pure junk food for the brain.

Compared to other mid-90's disaster movies, TWISTER is pretty good. There's tons of action and Bill Paxton is great. I just wish the filmmakers would have let him be a little looser with the character...imagine how awesome it would have been if a little bit of Pvt. Hudson came out during the final tornado! "We're in some real pretty shit now!"

If you like disaster movies, then TWISTER worth a watch and surprisingly the special effects still hold up alright even after all these years. Also watch out for the reference to THE ABYSS.