Wednesday, September 28, 2011


While exploring around the Great Pyramid of Giza, an archaeologist is zapped in the eyes with lasers and his daughter possessed by an evil spirit via a crappy looking trinket.  Once back in NYC the archaeologist is dealing with being blind while his daughter has all kinds of weird shit going on like sand suddenly appearing in her room and a scorpion appearing in a desk drawer. Very exciting stuff!!!

I'm guessing this is some kind of a evil spirit possession film made to cash in on the popularity of movies like THE EXORCIST and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, but MANHATTAN BABY is a slow-moving turd that I'm sure has bored the hell out of the majority of people who've had the misfortune of seeing it. First off, it's so surreal and dreamy that you never fully understand what's going on, then when you realize there's an evil spirit possessing the daughter you expect there to at least be a big showdown at the end, but no, nothing happens. There's a laughable animal attack scene that looks like crap then the movie's over. Yawn.

I'm not a fan of Fulci and MANHATTAN BABY didn't change my mind at all. The pace is painfully slow, the special effects are laughable, the nonstop eyeball close-ups made me want to kick the TV in the nuts and the story is shit. Nothing exciting happens the entire film. It's a snoozefest from beginning to end. Skip it.