Sunday, September 9, 2012


Another HELLRAISER movie another story about a poor schmuck who's seeing weird visions and has to investigate what's going on. At least this time around instead of a dull-looking dude we have the always attractive Kari Wuhrer to look at. She's an investigative reporter and her boss sends her to Romania to investigate a cult of nerds called "Deaders". According to a videotape (what the Hell?! I thought this movie was made in 2005!) the Deaders can commit suicide and then through some special power of their leader come back to life. Somehow Pinhead gets involved in all of this. I'm not really sure how, but I think it has to do with the fact that somebody had a completely unrelated script and they just tacked on a Pinhead angle so suckers like me would watch it.

Well, it worked, but is it worth you watching? Not really, the violence is stuff we've all seen before, the pace is pretty slow, Kari Wuhrer wears unflattering clothes, she does briefly get topless but it was so unsexy I didn't even bother taking screenshots, the evil cult leader wasn't scary in the least and Pinhead's involvement is the standard (at least for the last few films) of just showing up and the end for like 5 minutes.

Not a horrible watch, but one that I'll never make again. Skip it.

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Who the hell is this and why wasn't she in the movie more than just this single 10-second scene?!

Hey look it's ol' girl from Part 5.