Sunday, September 9, 2012


When the film starts and they started talking about a Hellraiser video game I had a sudden fear that it was going to go the FREDDY'S DEAD video game route, but no Pinhead goes the teenage slasher route instead...kinda. A group of nerds go to the Leviathan House for a "secret" party hosted by the online Hellworld video game. The usual teen slasher party shenanigans happens, but this time you got Pinhead creepin' around and at one point even killing somebody with a knife! I think that was a series first, but things might not be exactly as they seem.

For a one time watch I enjoyed the movie, I would never voluntarily watch it again. Less screen time for Pinhead than I would like, attractive Final Girl, Lance Henriksen phoning it in, entertaining 90's looking fashions even though this film was released in 2005, zero nudity, old cell phones, very little blood, zero gore. Not bad, but not good either. For HELLRAISER series completists only.

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