Friday, August 24, 2012


Awwww yeah! Pinhead's back! Yeah, yeah, yeah! You know wat I'm sayin? Dis time he done brought an early 90's fake Goth chick with him! Mmmmmmm. Daddy like. What?! This thing's on? We're live? Ohhh shit... As you remember at the end of Part 2 Pinhead was defeated by the Channard cenobite and trapped in the Pillar of Souls statue. Fast-forward to 1992 and a dance club owner buys the piece to decorate his living quarters located above the club. Blood gets splashed on the statue and Boom! Pinhead busts out!  Then he goes downstairs to get his freak on and spill some blood on the dance floor.  After the dance floor massacre a news reporter along with her female Goth sidekick are on the case. And what they find is...Hell on Earth.

I like HELLRAISER III. The story could have been better, but it's a fun trip back down early 90's horror memory lane. Gigantic cell phone, a CD cenobite, 90's rock club with go-go dancers, chicks with the sides of their head shaved short, flannel, weak special effects, acceptable screen time for Pinhead, some Pinhead backstory, blasphemy, blood, minor gore, funny 90's fashions. Modern audiences might not care for it, but true HELLRAISER fans will enjoy it.

If you need me I'll be in my room watching the uncut blu-ray.

Part 1 - Hellraiser
Part 2 - Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Part 4 - Hellraiser: Bloodline
Part 5 - Hellraiser: Inferno
Part 6 - Hellraiser: Hellseeker
Part 7 - Hellraiser: Deader
Part 8 - Hellraiser: Hellworld
Part 9 - Hellraiser: Revelations