Thursday, October 24, 2013


As interesting as the original was I actually liked this one better than DIRTY HARRY.  Harry's personality is already established with the audience so now it's just pure action and excitement with him versus a group of vigilante cops that are rolling around assassinating people they find undesirable.  At the beginning, Harry doesn't know that it's fellow pigs, so he's out looking for another psychopath like Scorpio.  Eventually the clues point Harry close to home and, of course, a final showdown.  Also, just like last time Harry has some minor adventures around town.

Car chases, more great views of San Francisco, excellent supporting cast (Hal Holbrook, David Soul, Mitch Ryan, Albert Popwell, Robert Urich, Tim Matheson), nudity, more shooting where people don't hit anything, badass pimp car, quite possibly the first cinematic use of the term "titty bank", bombs exploding, Drano eating, Harry gettin' bizz-aye with his hot neighbor, drugs, motorcycles. 

Fun film all the way around.  Recommended.

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