Friday, October 25, 2013


Dirty Harry's back at it.  This time, besides the normal ruffians that he has to beat up and/or shoot to death, Harry is on the case of a bunch of hippy revolutionaries that stole some weapons (machine guns, rocket launchers, etc.) and go on a crime spree.  At the same time Harry is transferred from Homicide for destroying a store and sent to Personnel.  Comedy hijinks ensue.  Not really, Harry still ends up shooting a bunch of people and even firing off that rocket launcher.

Awesome funky soundtrack, rooftop foot chase, water cannon, Alcatraz shootout, explosions, 70's fashions and cars.  Interesting supporting cast including Bradford Dillman, George Cheung (who gets shot in the balls!), Rudy Ramos, Harry Guardino, Albert Popwell, Tyne Daly and Michael Cavanaugh.  Not as exciting as the second film, but still an good time passer.

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