Friday, October 25, 2013


Harry's up to the same old same old again.  Getting shot at nonstop, killing people, wrecking cars left and right, going to a funeral attended by Axl Rose and that girl from THE VIDEO DEAD, getting chased by a bomb carrying RC car, getting yet another new partner, visiting his new partner in the hospital, shooting people with a know, the regular.  Unfortunately though by the fifth time around Harry's regualr getting pretty stale.  Once again there's a new serial killer in town and once again Harry finds him and kicks his death.  Along the way he has some minor adventures including romancing a local TV reporter (Patricia Clarkson), verbally sparing with a cranky horror movie director (Liam Neeson) and investigating the drug overdose of a painfully horrible rock star (Jim Carrey) who tortures us with a cheesy lip synced version of "Welcome to the Jungle" complete with a knockoff Regan (from THE EXORCIST) mannequin.

It's kinda fitting that this fifth and final Dirty Harry movie opened up against the original DIE HARD.  Out with the old and in with the new I guess you could say.  The RC car chase scenes was unbelievable as hell, but still the highlight of an otherwise by-the-numbers movie.  THE DEAD POOL isn't a bad movie just average.  It would have been nice to see Harry Callahan put out to pasture in something better than this.

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A guy dressed up like Kurt Russell from THE THING wearing a TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE shirt.