Friday, October 25, 2013


After pissing off (and killing) a whole slew of people at the beginning of the film Homicide Inspector Harry Callahan is forced to go on sunny Hawaii where he teams up with Magnum, T.C., Higgie Baby and...wait, wrong movie.  Harry only goes up the road a bit to some small California town.  But instead of finding peace and quiet the trouble just follows him. Even worse he gets involved with a vigilante case where somebody's going around shooting dudes in the twig and berries!

Mediocre story that's kinda slow, average acting, car wrecks, lack of pretty San Francisco sights made me sad, creepy bad guy, flashbacks, a cute bulldog, lots of aerial shots.  Out of the first four Dirty Harry films this one is definitely the least exciting.  I can't put my finger on it, but SUDDEN IMPACT just never grabbed my attention.  Barely even worth watching, although the final showdown was exciting.

Part 1 - Dirty Harry
Part 2 - Magnum Force
Part 3 - The Enforcer
Part 5 - The Dead Pool