Friday, September 12, 2014


When underachiever Shaun isn't hanging out with his semi-retarded flatmate Ed, he's busy disappointing his girlfriend Liz.  Liz is getting tired of this directionless slacker, but when he promises to take her to a fancy restaurant (Fulci's...get it?  Hardy-har-har.) she decides to give him another chance.  Then a zombie outbreak happens.  Shaun and Ed set out to save Liz...and his mother.

I enjoyed the first 40 minutes or so.  It wasn't hilarious but there were some clever moments and the characters were likable enough.  Then, around the halfway mark, the focus moved away from the romantic-comedy aspect and more towards the zombie survival mode and the whole thing ground to halt.  If you're gonna cut out the clever comedy stuff for zombie action then at least be kind enough to show some zombie action!  Instead the last 30 minutes of the film was just people running around inside a tavern bickering and getting emotional.   

Also the entire sub-story about Shaun's mother could have just been cut and replaced with giving Ed a girlfriend also to save...or maybe she has to save him?  That would have provided way more opportunities for laughs than the sad mom storyline did.  But what do I know since I'm sure this film has made a shitload of cash.

Promising first act, low zombie action, very little blood or gore, zero nudity, nice special effects, predictable moments (ohh...let me just stand directly in front of this widow with the zombie horde behind it!), Morrissey on TV, interesting British street scenes, non-threatening zombies.  Not great, but still worth checking out if you're bored.  Might make an interesting double-feature with BIOZOMBIE.