Monday, June 8, 2015


As far as German language THE THING/THE MIST/THE FLY-clones goes, BLOOD GLACIER was pretty average.  No ups or downs just an simple, watchable, by-the-numbers monster movie.

A small team of scientists stationed up in the Swiss Alps come across an icky fluid in a glacier that mutates animals into all kinds of nasty, ill-tempered creatures.  Any normal person would haul ass out of there as quickly as possible, but somehow these genius' fail to realize the seriousness of their situation and just hang out until a wicked looking ram-fox-mosquito-man-bear-pig critter with glowing eyes comes busting through their door like a roided-up SWAT team looking for a marijuana.

Zero nudity, mild blood, zero gore, predictable story that starts out alright but goes to shit towards the end, lens flare, a super cute dog (easily the highlight of the movie), no stand out or unique characters, typical shaky camerawork during the action scenes.  BLOOD GLACIER is an enjoyable enough way to waste 98 minutes.  Mildly recommended.