Thursday, June 3, 2010


For a Category III movie ACTCS2 is pretty weak and it's nowhere near as kick ass as the original. This time around (there's zero connection to the first film) the film starts with an unattractive chick being unenthusiastically tortured. She has a flashback to this dude traveling by horse through the forest. Two guys attempt to rob him but the traveler quickly kicks their asses and then begins reprimanding them about how they should live off the land instead of being crooks. He then spends the next 20 minutes bonding with them and their two woman and showing them how to fish and hunt. How exciting! There's one minor sex scene during all this and it ends up being the best sex scene in the movie!

So these dudes are bonding and become sworn brothers. The traveler leaves and a year later he invites his two friends and their women to come live with him (he's now a high ranking government official). They do, but it ends up the traveler dude is really a scumbag who's just using the two guys for some underhanded shit. You know what? Nobody gives a fuck about all this story bullshit, just get to the goddamn torture and sex!!!

Compared to the original Part 2 is a lightweight. There's a couple of brief torture scenes: tongue ripping, wax in ears, cutting, raped by a large burning hot phallus, but it's all pretty weak. Way too much time is wasted on meaningless story and character development. The other thing that really disappointed me the caliber of women. There was only one hot chick! She did get naked, but it was all too brief.

Bottom line: watch the original and just skip this one.
Holy shit! It's the Iron Dick dude from SEX AND CHOPSTICKS!