Saturday, June 5, 2010

SCHRAMM (1993)

You would think a movie that features a hammer to the face, neck slitting, eyeball plucking and foreskin nailing would be exciting, but somehow Jorg Buttgereit found a way to make it slow and tedious. What's even worse is the running time is only 70 minutes!

The story is very unimportant. It's just about a wacko who lives in an apartment and has a hooker for a neighbor. He kills two people and poses their bodies in sexual positions. It never says how he gets rid of the bodies. The rest of the time he spends hallucinating, having sex with an inflatable sex toy, painting his walls, doing push-ups, putting lipstick on his little pecker and then nailing his foreskin to a table. You know, just normal day stuff. I call that Tuesday.

My first Buttgereit film was NEKROMANTIK and I still claim that that film is a cult masterpiece, but I've yet to see anything else he's ever done to be worth much of a damn. He's was a one hit wonder in my book.  Skip it.