Thursday, August 18, 2011


The series hit the wall a little with this one. Instead of an airplane crash or awesome highway pile up, we get a CGI overload roller coaster crash that looked pretty lame. On the bright side the girl who has the premonition and saves everybody is extremely fucking hot. I guess they learned their lesson when they killed off the hottest girl at the beginning of the second film. Anyway, she sees everybody dying and freaks out. Other people miss the ride because of her freakout and end up getting their lives saved. Naturally Death comes looking for them.

Everything you would expect happens and the deaths are amusing, but the entire thing kinda seemed not as much fun as Part 2. Maybe that's just me or maybe it's because there was only two main characters whereas in Part 2 the entire group hung out a lot together at the same time and it kept you guessing as to who was going to die next. This time around the two leads went around visiting people right about the time that they died. That's kinda lame and leads to zero suspense. But whatever, it's still a entertaining watch and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is very nice to look at.

Worth a viewing, but it's nothing to get overly excited about. Oh yea, here's the topless chick at the tanning salon.

Part 1 - Final Destination
Part 2 - Final Destination 2
Part 4 - The Final Destination
Part 5 - Final Destination 5

Fate of the two survivors from Part 2.