Monday, August 8, 2011


Corey Haim isn't scared of vampires or werewolves anymore. His biggest fear now is not getting his driver's license and therefore not being able to take out the supercute Heather Graham this Saturday night. His worst fears become reality though when he fails the test miserably and his parents ground him for lying. But then Heather calls later that night wanting to go out and yea, you guessed it, he sneaks the car out to go pick her up. Things go good for about 10 seconds then it all goes to Hell quickly as Corey has run ends with everything from a tow truck driver, a busted transmission, some gearheads wanting to whip his ass and even an old drunk stealing his car.

It's a wild ride and I love every minute of it. I've watched seen LTD over a quarter of a million times and it's still awesome!!! But just because I love this movie does that make it a good movie? Ehhhh, probably not. There's plenty of plot holes, but despite it's flaws I'm a huge fan of LICENSE TO DRIVE and will love it until I die and they have to bury me twice.

If you are at all a fan of 80's teen movies then LICENSE TO DRIVE is mandatory viewing. It's funny, quick, the two Corey's are at their peak, Heather Graham is hot and there's tons of great quotes. "Let's give her a cruise!!!"
 License plate changes spelling.  Back says "GRANDPA".  So does the front, then later on it says "GRANPA".