Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Borrowing heavily from IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY is the well-meaning, but not really funny, romantic comedy about a mega-wealthy heiress (Joan Fontaine) who runs away from her forced relationship (on her wedding night!) and hides in the hotel room of a very sleepy pilot (Jimmy Stewart). In his sleepiness he thinks that she's just a innocent girl that got mixed up with a married butthole, so he allows her to sleep in his bed while he takes the sofa. The next day she, feeling an attraction to him, begs to be brought along on his cargo plane trip across the country. Reluctantly he agrees and she joins she rest of the cargo: two newlyweds, an embezzler on the run, a dead guy in a coffin, some lobsters, a cigar smoking chimpanzee...and maybe love?

As a time passer it's entertaining enough, but the script is pretty weak. There's no witty dialogue and zero spark between Stewart and Fontaine. In fact, if it was up to me I would have just replaced Joan altogether. Worth watching, if you're a Jimmy Stewart fan, but other than that you'd be better off just watching IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT again. Oh yeah, the chimpanzee is not as funny as you would hope. Actually he's kinda depressing since he remains in a cage the entire movie. I felt sorry for him.