Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ain't no build up in this motherfucker! The instant the movie starts a meteorite crashes down in a field near some campers. They're quickly killed offscreen, then the viewer is brought into a nearby house where the creature has set up shop in the basement and spends it's time eating whoever ventures into the basement, spawning deadly little wormy looking offspring.

The family that lives in the house doesn't realize there's a monster living in the basement. One-by-one they're picked off as they go about their daily routines and the tension builds at a steady pace until the inevitable monster rampage extravaganza at the end. For a super-low budget ($25,000), homemade horror movie the action scenes in this film are pretty awesome!!! Especially the face-ripping scene and the decapitation/body launch scene. Holy fuck, when that headless corpse shot out the window I nearly fell off the sofa laughing.

For horror fans, how much you like this film will depend on how forgiving you are or maybe how drunk you are. There's a few slow parts in the middle that could have been spiced up a bit, but overall the filmmakers had their hearts in the right place and a made fun, entertaining monster movie that's better than a lot of the big studio bullshit I sit through.

Face-ripping, head removing, funny 80's fashions, nice camerawork, good acting, gloomy atmosphere, zero nudity and an awesome fucking monster! At least worth a rent. Would make an great double-feature with THE ABOMINATION.