Monday, September 12, 2011


Warren is a fucking dork. He works in the basement of a library and in his spare time watches self-help videos on how to pick up women. He's almost like a strange combination of Michael Scott from "The Office" and Marcus Templeton from EVEN HITLER HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Things change though when 21 minutes and 30 seconds into the movie he discovers a long lost book that teaches you how to use your mind to control things around you...including women. ZAPPED! it's not, instead Warren uses his new found power to seduce an ugly chick at the night club, get free candy bars, help his friend solve a Rubik's Cube and eventually get a female co-worker he has a crush on to start dating him. All of that comes with a price though because the more he uses the power the more fucked his brain gets until it somehow turns him into a brain with teeth creature that looks like the Mother Brain in Metroid.

At 84 minutes, MIND KILLER is at least 30 minutes too long. The story was compelling in a weird way, but there was too much down time and the pay off at the end was disappointing. I think maybe the filmmakers set their goals beyond what their budget could provide.

Mediocre acting, mediocre 80's fashions and settings, mediocre special effects, nightmare inducing topless female, 90% talking and 10% action. Not really worth watching unless you're really bored.